Excerpts from the article Men’s Spirituality by Donald Bisson.

“Men bleed too. Men grieve the loss of their children through divorce, separation, work assignments and illnesses. They seek out relationships to fill the hunger, pain and loneliness of life’s struggles. They ponder the great mysteries of birth, death, aging, love-making, creativity and nature. They pray. Often, they pray in secret, almost fearful of being shamed if the depths of their desires are discovered. Men struggle to have a spirituality…”

“If male spirituality is going to be a powerful force, it must be able to touch ordinary men in ordinary ways. As models of male spirituality continue to proliferate, there is a need to connect the experience of individual men with faith communities which can feed and be fed with the renewed energy of men alive in God. I believe this is just beginning to happen, but most religious traditions are not in dialogue with men…” 

Unity Church of the Hills

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